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Gen X Amplified is the premier podcast dedicated to the powerful generation between the boomers and millennials. The podcast features valuable insights and conversations with Gen X leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs including: Jon Fortt, Lindsey Pollak, Tara Jaye Frank, Carmine Gallo, Ada Calhoun, Melissa Proctor, and many others.
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Oct 4, 2022

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we have yes…another #FabulousOver40 Fireside Chat edition. And it’s with  my good friend, the fabulous and phenomenal Tara Jaye Frank.

And we are going to be unpacking her latest and greatest book The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence.

Which in my opinion Is a MUST READ for all workplace leaders today.

Without question.

About Tara

Tara is an equity strategist, speaker, C-Suite advisor, and the President and CEO of TJF Career Modeling LLC — where she partners with executives to create learning experiences that advance critical culture and leadership goals.

She is also the author of The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence.

Prior to charting her course as an entrepreneur, Tara was a corporate executive at one of the most beloved consumer brands in the world, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Tara actually began her 20+ year career at Hallmark as a greeting card writer, where her gift as a powerful wordsmith and storyteller inspired many people during special and celebrated life moments.

However, Tara’s growth and trajectory at Hallmark was limitless, and also history making.

During her tenure, Tara advanced to become the youngest person in Hallmark’s history to be promoted into executive management…

And also the company’s very first African-American female vice president.

But after a mid-career pivot and wonderful life-changing event, Tara’s current “post-Hallmark” career has definitely been filled with meaning, purpose, and massive impact.

And as a passionate voice and champion for inclusion, Tara truly cherishes the power of community.

When she’s not giving candid and transparent advice on fee negotiation and pay equity to underrepresented speakers…

Tara is always on brand — delivering timeless value across a variety of subjects to her audience.

That is being fabulous and phenomenal over 40.

Tara’s Waymakers Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!

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Sep 6, 2022

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, I have a great and important conversation with Zephrine Hanson.

Zephrine is a veteran, farmer, story amplifier, and the founder of Hampden Farms, a suburban farming project that offers small-batch artisanal products made from organic ingredients that are lovingly grown and sustainably sourced.

And she also happens to be a fellow member of LinkedIn’s inaugural cohort of its Creator Accelerator Program!

During this episode, Zephrine and I discuss her personal story — which includes a beginning career in the military, how she got into lavender farming, and her insights and advice on managing one’s mental health.

Particularly as a 40-plus professional, business owner, parent, and community builder. 

About Zephrine

Born and raised in San Fernando Valley California, Zephrine enlisted in the Air Force immediately after graduating high school.

With a background in media communications and journalism, she served as a public affairs and medical photographer stationed in Germany and Texas.

After medical retirement from the Air Force in 2004, Zephrine shifted to freelance photography, returned to college for communications. With the resounding support of her partner, the Hansons packed up and moved to Denver, CO in 2016 where she embraced a calmer, holistic lifestyle.

Finally enjoying some space to breathe, Zephrine took advantage of veteran programs including The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) consortium at UCLA, the Veterans to Farmers program in partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG), and the Veterans’ Path mindfulness and yoga training in Colorado.

In 2017 she began planting seeds and nurturing people through Hampden Farms, a suburban farming project offering sustainable farming solutions and small-batch artisanal products made from organic ingredients lovingly grown and conscientiously sourced.

Through Hampden Farms, Zephrine continued collaborations with the DBG to include earning her 300-hour Herbalism Certification. She now serves as a Self-Care Share Producer and Farmer for Chatfield along with being an instructor and ambassador for the Garden’s Veterans-to-Farmers program.

Zephrine is a proud member of the Denver Metro Area’s chapter of MileHigh Farmers, the grassroots organization for farmers and farmer advocates. She is also lends her experience and voice to the Food Policy Cohort for LiveWell focused on overcoming inequitable access to healthy food and physical activity in Colorado.

To better marry her passion for sustainable farming with drive for entrepreneurship and enterprise, Zephrine is actively pursuing Bunker Lab’s Veteran-in-Residence program.

She continues to advocate and be a community influencer for Autism awareness and education joining the TACT (Teaching the Autism Community Trades) board in February, 2020.

When Zephrine is not changing the world one plant and person at a time, she enjoys epic LEGO builds with her three tween inventors and going down Google rabbit holes with her favorite tech nerd and beloved partner, Justin.

Zephrine’s Personal Theme Song


Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!


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Aug 30, 2022

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, I am joined by the wonderful and amazing Kim Alexis Newton.

Kim is a former Hallmark Cards Inc. corporate executive, quilt artist, board member, and also my fellow Vanderbilt Business School alumni! She is also one of the featured phenoms in the #FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series on LinkedIn.

During this episode, Kim and I chat about her 20-plus years experience working for Hallmark Cards – which was her dream job coming out of business school. And also why and how she decided to leave corporate after many years to pursue her dreams of creating magic and meaningful impact with her art.


About Kim

Kim is a seasoned global marketing executive, board director, advisor, quilt artist, and entrepreneur.

She is also the creator of the Intentional Pause™ Project, a media, product and experience platform helping women embrace “pausing” as a powerful way to achieve their dreams.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Kim spent 20+ years as an executive leader for one of the most iconic brands in the world, Hallmark Cards. During her Hallmark tenure, Kim directly influenced global corporate strategy, and led transformation across a $4B diversified portfolio of top brands. 

She has also been recognized multiple times as a top African-American in corporate America.  

However, it was toward the end of her stint at Hallmark when Kim reached a mid-career “malaise” inflection point. — and felt complacent, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed with an empty feeling of unfulfilled dreams. 

Therefore, Kim transformed that feeling of malaise into mid-career “mastery” — and began maximizing her impact on the world by bringing to life all of her passions including an art studio, The Intentional Pause™ Project, and her line of special handcrafted gift quilts positioned as extraordinary keepsakes for self or others.   

Her first piece was actually given to Ms. Oprah Winfrey!

Kim also has 20 years of non-profit board experience, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Big Lots Stores. 

Kim is also a proud member of the The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Jack and Jill of America, Inc., The Links, Incorporated, and the 2017 Class of Henry Crown Fellows within the Aspen Global Leadership Network at The Aspen Institute.

She also received her BA in Accounting from Fisk University and her MBA from Vanderbilt University, and lives in Kansas City with her husband, Nikki, and their daughter Piper.

Kim’s story is definitely a beacon of inspiration for anyone who is feeling stressed and stuck in their career…

And who desires to weave together their purpose, passions, and professional experiences into a meaningful path forward at any age.

Kim’s Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!

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Aug 23, 2022

We are back for another #FabulousOver40 edition of Gen X Amplified, featuring my chat with Sunny Bonnell, who is the co-founder and CEO of Motto — one of the top branding agencies in the country.

Sunny is also the co-author of the bestselling book RARE BREED: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different (HarperCollins), which has been hailed as one of the most unique business books of its time and used by global teams everywhere.

During our conversation, Sunny and I discuss her professional journey, her insights on thriving in mid-career, and also unpack the gems and nuggets of her book RARE BREED.

And as mentioned, Sunny also happens to be one of the phenomenal leaders previously featured in the #FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series on LinkedIn.

About Sunny

Sunny is a leadership and brand expert, speaker, and the co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of MOTTO — one of the top branding agencies in the country.

Along with her fellow MOTTO co-founder Ashleigh Hansberger, Sunny is also the author of the bestselling and highly praised book “RARE BREED: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different.”

Through her agency and book, Sunny and team are on a passionate mission to create magnetic brand experiences for promising startups and companies, while also creating a world of rule-breakers and game-changers.

Sunny has a very inspriational and unconventional professional journey.

Growing up in the Appalachian mountains, Sunny started playing guitar at the tender age of eight, and also became a prominent bluegrass player by the time she was eleven.

During her 20s while she was in college, Sunny then stepped out on faith, and launched MOTTO with $250 in order to create a disruptive and differentiated branding agency unlike many others in the industry.

Through MOTTO, Sunny has worked with many top global brands such as Google, Microsoft, Hershey’s, and Twentieth Century Fox.

A gifted storyteller and wordsmith, Sunny is a columnist for Inc. Magazine, and is a founding member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council.

She has also been featured by a number of media outlets including Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, The Breakfast Club, and more.

Sunny is definitely thriving and winning during this meaningful stage in her career.

And the presence of her passion, along with her always visible fedora, will continue to be felt by those who truly choose to change the world.


Sunny’s Personal Theme Song


Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!


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Aug 16, 2022

For this episode of Gen X Amplified, we’re back for another #FabulousOver40 Fireside chat edition, featuring Erik Moses, President at Nashville Superspeedway, which is the largest concrete-only track in NASCAR.

Erik is is also one of the recognized leaders in the #FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series on LinkedIn.

As mentioned in his spotlight, when Erik was named president of Nashville Superspeedway in 2020, it marked a watershed moment for representation — as he became the first Black track president in NASCAR history. 

During this episode, Erik and I discuss his professional story, his thoughts on thriving as a seasoned professional in mid-career, and his plans for making race week at Nashville Superspeedway a “must-attend” destination in the Southeast Region.

About Erik

Erik Moses is the President at Nashville Superspeedway, which is the largest concrete-only track in NASCAR.

Also notable is Erik made history in 2020 when he became the first African-American NASCAR track president.

Because of his successful leadership experience in the world of sports, events, and live entertainment, Erik was hired to revive and renovate the NASCAR track in Nashville— which had been closed since 2011.

One of Erik’s grand achievements from the outset was hosting the track’s first NASCAR Cup Series during Father’s Day weekend in June.

Erik started his career practicing law as an attorney, but then shifted gears to a variety of executive roles in sports and city government within the Washington D.C. area.

Most recently, Erik served as the founding president of the DC Defenders, a member of the XFL professional football league.

Prior to the XFL, Erik was SVP, Managing Director at Events DC, where he develop valuable partnerships with the NCAA, National Hockey League (NHL), MLB, PepsiCo and others.

He also served as the CEO of the DC Sports & Entertainment, Director of the District of Columbia Department of Small and Local Business Development, and as Senior Counsel at AOL.

Erik is a graduate of both the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carolina and Duke University School of Law.

He is a member of the Washington Business Journal Leadership Trust — and was also named to its 2019 Power 100 list.

Erik has also served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s Sports Industry Management Program for over 10 years.

For much of his life and career, Erik has been the consummate “builder.”

Whether it is building relationships, business deals, or a legacy of inspiration — Erik is always striving to render the biggest impact on others.

And that includes building Nashville Superspeedway as not only the “must-attend” destination for NASCAR fans in middle Tennessee…

But also expanding the narrative of NASCAR within diverse communities around the world.

Erik’s Personal Theme Song


Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!

Aug 9, 2022

For this very special #FabulousOver40 Fireside Chat edition of the podcast, I am having a conversation with the phenomenal and MACKnificent...Mack Mckelvey — who is the Founder and CEO of SalientMG, a strategic marketing firm focused on accelerating market position for growth stage tech companies...

And also who I had the pleasure of featuring in the #FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series on LinkedIn!

During this episode, Mack and I chat about her professional journey, her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, the importance of community, and the power of your "name."


About Mack

Mack McKelvey is the Founder and CEO of SalientMG, a strategic marketing firm focused on accelerating market position for growth stage tech companies, and also the executive presence and visibility for their respective leaders.

SalientMG’s clients have included Rovio (Angry Birds), Etsy, Verizon, Starwood Hotels, UberMedia, Ogury, Caesars Entertainment, ExecOnline, Whitebox and Sparkfly.

A true catalyst of positive disruption at the highest echelon, Mack has been leading transformative teams throughout her 20+ career.

Prior to SalientMG, Mack was the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Millennial Media, from the company’s start-up stage through its successful 2012 IPO.

Before Millennial, Mack held senior business and marketing roles at SIRIUS XM, VeriSign, CGI, and British Telecom; she began her career at Lucent Technologies/AT&T.

Mack is also a consistent and relentless advocate for diversity, inclusion, and representation in business, technology, and advertising.

As a thought leader, she is a contributor to Fortune, Entrepreneur, MediaPost, Luxury Daily,, and other business and trade publications on leadership, diversity, visibility, management, and marketing innovation.

Mack worked with Business Insider to create the 2016, 2015 and 2014 lists of “The Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising”.

In 2013 and 2012, Mack was named one of “The Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising” by Business Insider.

Mack is also a startup tech advisor, investor, speaker, and business/industry awards’ judge.

She serves on the Advisory Boards of technology startups, including Real Atom, a commercial real estate fintech startup based in DC.

Mack is also on the Board of Directors for Creative Spirit, a non-profit which seeks to create jobs for the intellectually and developmentally disabled, and she participates in ACP’s US Military Veterans Mentor Program.


Mack’s Personal Theme Song


Thank you for listening!

Thank you so very much for listening to the podcast. There are so many other shows out there, so the fact that you took the time to listen in really means a lot!

Apr 30, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we are excited to have another special Gen X Amplified LIVE conversation that's all about generations!

That's because I am  joined by Marcie Merriman, who is the Americas Cultural Insights & Consumer Strategy Leader at EY (Ernest & Young). And will be discussing not only her professional journey as a Gen X leader, speaker, and strategist for one of the largest professional services in world, but also the impact of Gen Z in both today's workplace and in the future of work.

Marcie Merriman is EY Americas Cultural Insights & Customer Strategy Leader. She is an internationally recognized leader in cultural anthropology and brand strategy, having her work frequently featured in news publications.

For over 25 years she has been working with teams to anticipate disruption and propel growth through human-centric strategies. She leads practices focused on helping organizations understand the nuances of human behaviors and the organizational implications that can be addressed through improved experiences, including the deployment of digital technologies.

Prior to joining EY, Marcie was an executive at a global fashion retail company and a successful business leader and entrepreneur.

Marcie earned an MBA from Case Western Weatherhead School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Social Science, International Studies, Anthropology & Sociology from Michigan State University.

(Above bio courtesy of

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Marci's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for watching and listening!

Apr 24, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we are having another special conversation with speaker, author, champion for women, and the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ebony & Jet MagazineMichele T. Ghee.

And we will be chatting about the power of nurturing strong relationships, and also how to be resilient during difficult and uncertain times. Such as the current coronavirus pandemic that all of us are going through right now.

Michele T. Ghee is a strategic force inside and outside the bounds of corporate america, having managed more than a billion dollars in revenue for some of the world’s largest media companies including: CNN, A&E, The History Channel, The Weather Channel, and BET Networks/BET Her.

Michele now currently serves as the new Chief Executive Officer of the legacy brands Ebony and Jet. Both are iconic and legacy brands founded by John H. Johnson, that celebrate the life of Black America.

Michele is also the author of Stratechic: Life and Career Winning Strategies for WomenStratechic 2.0: Her Plan. Her Power. Her Purpose, and SUCCESS On Your Terms.

Michele has received a host of honors including the ADCOLOR Change Agent Award, American Advertising Federation Mosaic Role Model of the Year Award, She Runs It Working Mother of the Year Award Class of 2018, and most recently, a Multichannel News 2019 Wonder Woman.

Over her 20-year career, Michele’s passion for excellence has allowed her to master the following critical skills: leadership, diversity and inclusion, strategy, transformation (personal and professional), revenue generation, teamwork, work-life balance, and relationship building. And she has spent the last several years speaking across the country and sharing her knowledge with vast audiences.

She is also the proud wife to Tony and blessed mom of Taylor and Jordan.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Michele’s Personal Theme Song

Thank you for watching and listening!

Apr 8, 2020

On this very special episode of Gen X Amplified, we are featuring the video and audio from our premiere livestream event- Building Generational Bridges Through Crisis: A Candid Conversation about the Impact of COVID:19 on all generations, particularly Gen X.

And for this special conversation, Adrion is joined by two friends and phenomenal thought leaders and Gen X Amplified former guests: Lindsey Pollak, multigenerational work expert, NYT bestselling author, speaker, and Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2020, and Tara Jaye Frank, speaker, consultant, Founder at MORE THAN: A Movement, and former Hallmark Cards, Inc. executive.

Currently, we’re going through one of the most unprecedented and challenging experiences in our lifetime. The coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, has shaken all of us. from every age, and every generation – both personally and professionally.

Especially for many of us that are in that “middle” such as Gen X, are sandwiched, and building bridges between the older and younger generations… both whom we care deeply for.

And we have a great conversation about it!

Remember, as all generations, we can definitely get through these challenging times. As long as we learn together, grow together, and build together.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tara Jaye Frank’s COVID-19 Theme Song

Lindsey Pollak’s COVID-19 Theme Song

Thank you for watching and listening!


Apr 1, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion Porter is joined by Jon Fortt, who is the co-anchor of Squawk Alley on CNBC, and the host of the Fort Knoxx podcast. And they discuss not only Jon's professional journey as a business journalist and anchor, but also his thoughts on the current COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on people of all ages.

Adrion and Jon also spend time unpacking how Gen Xers are uniquely positioned to be very effective and powerful leaders that can build bridges across all generations - especially during challenging times such as these.

Jon Fortt is co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” (M-F, 11AM-12PM ET) broadcast live from the New York Stock Exchange. Previously, he was an on-air editor based at CNBC’s global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Fortt joined CNBC as technology correspondent in July 2010, working from CNBC’s Silicon Valley bureau where he covered the companies, start-ups and trends that are driving innovation in the industry. He also contributes to

He came to CNBC from Fortune magazine, where as a senior writer he covered both large technology companies— such as CiscoHewlett-Packard, and Microsoft—and trends, including cloud computing and the smartphone revolution.

Before joining Fortune in 2007, Fortt was a senior editor at Business 2.0magazine where he produced the “What Works” section.

From 1999 to 2006, Fortt wrote and edited at the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s hometown newspaper. There he contributed to several efforts that won awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

As a personal technology writer, his coverage duties included Apple, Palm and Adobe. He also served in roles outside the business department, covering education, editing local news and developing technology strategy. As the newspaper’s senior Web editor, he helped develop a blog and podcast network, managed the creation of multimedia projects and served on the board of the Associated Press Managing Editors.

Fortt graduated from DePauw University as a Media Fellow, with a B.A. in English.

(Above Jon Fortt bio courtesy of

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jon's Personal Theme Songs

Thank you for listening!

Mar 11, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we have a conversation with advertising veteran, digital expert, thought leader, and awesome Gen-Xer... the one and only Ian Schafer, who joins Adrion to discuss and unpack his latest venture, Kindred, and its inaugural event Kindred 2020, which will be held on September 14-17 in San Diego.

Kindred, is an events-based startup that focuses on bringing together brands, nonprofits, and cultural leaders to accelerate sustainable, purpose-led business transformation. 

Ian Schafer has been named a "Media Maven" by Advertising Age, one of Campaign Magazine's "40 over 40",  and the "Best CEO on Social Media" by the Shorty Awards.

He has been at the forefront of media, content, advertising and marketing since 1997 - including being the founder, CEO, and Global Chairman of the influential advertising agency Deep Focus - which had been the winner of numerous accolades including Cannes Lions, Webby, and Emmy Awards.
However, Ian recently mad a major career pivot ,and is now focused on harnessing the collective power of culture to make positive impact in the world through his new venture as the co-founder and CEO of Kindred.
During this episode Ian talks about not only his professional journey as an entrepreneur, but also why his passion for making social change led him to launch Kindred. And why it's critical for businesses to join other companies, communities and cultural leaders, to embrace a purpose-led approach to accelerate solving the world's problems.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ian's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Feb 11, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, highly acclaimed journalist and author Ada Calhoun joins Adrion to discuss her latest book and New York Times best­seller Why We Can’t Sleep: Wom­en’s New Midlife Cri­sis – which is an expan­sion of her viral sto­ry for Oprah​.com and a ​“gen­er­a­tion-defin­ing explo­ration of the new midlife cri­sis fac­ing Gen X women. 

In Why We Can’t Sleep, Calhoun opens up the cultural and political contexts of Gen X’s predicament and offers solutions for how to pull oneself out of the abyss—and keep the next generation of women from falling in. The result is reassuring, empowering, and essential reading for all middle-aged women, and anyone who hopes to understand them.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ada’s Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Feb 4, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, I have the pleasure of speaking with Melissa (McGhie) Proctor, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena.

Melissa joins me on the podcast to discuss her fascinating Gen X professional story – which includes beginning her career as a ball-girl for the Miami Heat, to her current role of leading the brand for the Atlanta Hawks.

Also at the beginning of this special episode, Melissa and I briefly spend some time talking about the unfortunate and tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna – and what Kobe meant not only to us personally, but also to our generation.


Melissa Proctor serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of both the Atlanta Hawks and the State Farm Arena (the home facility of the Atlanta Hawks) .

In this role, Melissa oversees the day-to-day operations of the club’s marketing, Hawks Studios, live experience and production, brand merchandising, creative services, corporate social responsibility, brand communications and basketball development teams. She also works closely with executive leadership to provide strategy for the organization.

Beginning her career with the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Melissa served in brand development and strategy positions for Turner Entertainment Networks (including TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), truTV and Peachtree TV), Cartoon Network and Turner Media Group. Additionally, she helped to create the first Corporate Social Responsibility division in Turner’s UK office.

Part of the NBA since high school, Melissa was the first “team attendant”/ ball girl for the Miami Heat organization, and in later years, returned to work for the Heat in the basketball operations division.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Melissa’s Personal Theme Songs

Thank you for listening!

Jan 28, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, I chat with Walter T. Geer III, digital advertising executive, multi-patent holder, biometric lab creator, and currently the SVP, Group Creative director at TBWA/WorldHealth.

Walter joins us on Gen X Amplified to discuss his viral LinkedIn post (Yeah yeah…40 under 40 and 30 under 30. I’m not impressed…), diversity and inclusion, and why we should all focus on eliminating ageism in the workplace.

Walter T. Geer III serves as the SVP, Group Creative director at TBWA/WorldHealth – which is a leading healthcare agency collective.

A veteran of the digital advertising space, Walter holds a total of six U.S Patents for digital ad formats, and has developed ad products and implemented creative strategies for a variety of publishers and leading technology and media companies including Google, Viacom, NYTimes and MySpace.

Throughout his twenty-year career, Walter has architected market-first usability labs, applying biometric research to the development of creative executions and minimizing risk by understanding how consumer emotions and demographics impact brand engagement.

Walter’s passion also sits at the intersection of story-telling, design, technology, data, and research.

During this episode, Walter and I have a great conversation around age diversity and inclusion, and why there should be more opportunities to highlight the achievements and viability of individuals 40+. And we also get a chance to hear Walter discuss some very compelling stories of people over 40 who reached out directly to him following his post.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Walter’s Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Jan 21, 2020

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, I am joined by Lindsey Pollak, New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and one of the world's leading experts on Millennials and the multigenerational workplace.

Lindsey is here to actually discuss her latest book, The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace.  We are have a very detailed and fun conversation around generations in general, Gen Xers in politics, old movies, and just how awesome it is to be Gen X!

Lindsey Pollak is a leading expert on the Millennial generation and today’s multigenerational workplace. Often called a “translator,” she advises both young professionals looking to succeed in today’s work environment and the organizations that want to recruit, retain and engage them.

Lindsey's latest book, The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace, is much needed guide for today's workforce. In it, Lindsey combines the most recent data with own original research, as well as detailed cased studies from Fortune 500 companies and other top organizations.

Lindsey is also the New York Times bestselling author of Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders and Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World.

Her speaking audiences and consulting clients have included over 250 corporations, law firms, conferences and universities, including Citi, Estée Lauder, GE, J.P. Morgan, LinkedIn, PwC, Shearman & Sterling, Yale, Harvard, Wharton and Stanford.

Lindsey’s advice and opinions have appeared in such media outlets as The TODAY Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and NPR.

She is a graduate of Yale University and is based in New York City.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Lindsey's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Jul 2, 2019

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, Ken Coleman, career expert, Ramsey Personality, and nationally syndicated radio host of The Ken Coleman Show joins us on Gen X Amplified to discuss his latest book, The Proximity Principle: The Proven Strategy That Will Lead To The Career You Love.

During our conversation, Ken talks about his journey of pursuing his passion for communication and how he decided to write his latest book to help other get unstuck and their career.

Ken unpacks some key nuggets from The Proximity Principle, and also provides insights on how Gen-Xers can get out of our own way, so we can achieve the professionals goals we truly desire.

Ken Coleman is a career expert, #1 national best-selling author, and nationally syndicated radio host of The Ken Coleman Show.

Ken is also the host of the Entreleadership Podcast, which is a top-rated podcast founded by the only and only Dave Ramsey. 

Pulling from his own personal struggles, missed opportunities and career successes, Ken helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. 

The Ken Coleman Show is a caller-driven career show that helps listeners who are stuck in a job they hate or searching for something more out of their career.

Ken's second book, The Proximity Principle: The Proven Strategy That Will Lead To The Career You Love, with its practical and proven strategies, is designed to help people moving closer towards a career that they love. 

Key Takeaways:

  • What exactly is the Proximity Principle?
  • How Ken came up with the idea for the Proximity Principle framework
  • Who are the (5) five people categories that people need to be in proximity to, in order to get and seize opportunities
  • What are the key ideas you need to know in order to adopt the proximity mindset
  • Why fear, doubt, and pride are the three lies that keep many Gen X professionals in mid-career stuck and stagnant
  • Why cultivating key relationships is so key for career and professional success
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ken's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

May 1, 2019

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we’re excited to have tech marketing expert and proud Gen Xer, Katrina Wong, who is the VP of Marketing for Hired (

During our conversation, Katrina discusses her professional journey in the Silicon Valley tech world, leading up to her current role as Hired’s head of marketing.

Katrina also gives us some key insights about how to navigate today’s multigenerational and digital workplace as a Gen X leader. Which includes… why we all should lead by “influence” and not just by position, especially as Gen Xers.

Katrina Wong is true marketing expert with 15+ years in a variety of customer facing roles including marketing, go-to-market and revenue growth for both B2B and B2C SaaS / Enterprise software companies.

Katrina is currently the VP of Marketing at Hired (, which is a career marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find a job they love. 

At Hired, Katrina leads all marketing efforts, including: brand development, product marketing, demand generation, user acquisition, lifecycle and retention marketing, content marketing, and communications.

Prior to becoming hired…at Hired, Katrina worked in marketing leadership positions across a variety of large organizations and other start-ups, including Salesforce, Taulia, and SAP.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Katrina’s journey transitioned from studying the life sciences field to marketing
  • Why Katrina felt the need to pursue a more purpose-driven career opportunity, which led her to Hired
  • Hear some of Katrina’s key lessons learned from working with some of the world’s preeminent tech companies
  • Why Gen X is at a critical and awesome stage in our lives as leaders, especially during this digital age
  • Why being a “servant leader” and leading by influence is the key to managing effectively in a multigenerational workplace
  • The value of peer-to-peer mentoring at work, particularly among Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Katrina’s Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Mar 19, 2019

For this value-packed episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion is joined by Chris Hogan, #1 national best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and financial expert with Ramsey Solutions.

During this interview, Chris unpacks his latest book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth – and How You Can Too. And why having a strong belief, knowledge, and plan of action can help anyone be on the path to reach their financial goals.

Chris Hogan is a national best-selling author, podcaster, and dynamic speaker in the areas of personal finance, retirement and leadership.

A former all-American football player, he is now serving… for over 10 years… a trusted financial coach and Expert, working side-by-side with one-of the most world renowned leaders on money and business, Dave Ramsey.

As an author, his first book, Retire Inspired, has helped thousands of people learn how to change their current money situation and make wise investing decisions.

Chris’s latest book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Lives – and You can Too, is based on the largest study of net-worth millionaires in the United States. ever conducted.

Chris also host the very popular podcast, The Chris Hogan Show, where he takes calls on retirement, investing and building wealth. With new episodes each week, Hogan educates, encourages and empowers you on your journey to becoming an everyday millionaire.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why did Chris decide to join Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions after a successful career in banking, etc.
  • Why Chris and team decide to conduct largest study of millionaires ever
  • What are some of those myths that people believe when it comes to millionaires.
  • Why “sacrifice” is sometimes needed to achieve the financial goals you desire
  • What are the three (3) action points of becoming an everyday millionaire
  • Why Chris believes the best attack to budgeting and reducing debt is to attack the smallest debt first
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Chris’s Personal Theme Songs

Thank you for listening!

Mar 12, 2019

For this exciting episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion is joined by the one and only, Mario Armstrong, who is 2X Emmy Award winner, entrepreneur, podcaster, and the creator and host and the Never Settle Show.

During this value-packed conversation, Mario takes us along his journey from launching his career, elevating his entrepreneurial ventures alongside his wife, and also launching the first ever Facebook Watch show that has won an Emmy Award.

We also discuss chat about the challenges of entrepreneurship and the recommended solutions needed to make our dreams become a reality.

Mario Armstrong is a two time Emmy Award–winning talk show host, Digital Lifestyle Expert®, and a regular contributor on NBC’s TODAY show, CNN, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, and Rachael Ray.

Mario is also the host of the Emmy winning Never Settle Show, the world’s first crowd-produced, live-streamed talk show with live participation from the in-studio & online audience.

Mario focuses on positivity, motivation, and tactical advice to inspire people to take action pursuing their personal and professional goals, dreams and passions. He is also a brand influencer, and a public speaker listed with Daymond John’s Shark Group Speaking Division.

His new daily podcast, entitled Wake Up and Level Up, kickstarts your day in under 5 minutes with a jolt of inspiration, advice and personal growth formulas.

When he’s not playing host, contributor, and expert, Mario is living a balanced life, playing husband and father, devouring sushi, meditating, adding to his metal lunchbox collection, and taking his “sneaker head” status to borderline obsessive levels. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Mario asked his wife Nicole to leave her corporate job to join him on his entrepreneurial journey
  • What were the core entrepreneurial tenets that Mario and his wife embraced to encouraged them to keep going, and never settling during those times of struggle and uncertainty
  • Hear the initial motivation and transformational moment that led to Mario launching the Never Settle Show, which is the very first Facebook Watch to win an Emmy Award.
  • Why it is so critical to START, and not wait until something is perfect before you launch
  • How passion, tenacity, and resilience are essential to achieving success and your dreams
  • Why you should find something about your passion that gets you fired up to help you move forward
  • Hear both Mario and Adrion’s affinity for the Rocky movies, and why Sylvester Stallone's story is a great inspiration for entrepreneurs and/or leaders
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Mario's Personal Theme Songs

Thank you for listening!

Mar 5, 2019

On this awesome episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion is joined by Chip Conley, bestselling author, hospitality entrepreneur, and strategic advisor to Airbnb.

During this great interview, Chip unpacks his latest book, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. Part manifesto and part playbook, Wisdom@Work outlines and amplifies a much needed conversation not only about ageism in the workplace, but also a rallying cry for those in midlife to unlock the virtues of this stage in the curve of life.

Adrion and Chip also discuss how Gen X is now in the prime sweet spot of midlife, and why that's a good thing! Especially being in the position to facilitate mutual beneficial relationships with younger generations, especially Millennials.

Chip Conley is a bestselling author, hospitality entrepreneur, strategic advisor to Airbnb, and the Founder of the Modern Elder Academy.

At the age of twenty-six, Chip founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality and turned it into the second largest boutique hotel brand in the world. After selling his company in 2010, he joined Airbnb and, as head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, Chip helped turn it into the world's largest hospitality brand.

Chip has also written numerous bestselling books including PEAK and Emotional Equations.

But his latest book, titled "Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder," was inspired by his post-50-year-old experiences as both a mentor and unexpected intern at Airbnb. And he is here to discuss not only his journey, but deep dive into this great book.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Chip decided to join a tech startup at this stage in his career, after successful leading his own business
  • Hear the main motivation to write a manifesto that outlined his journey and stature at Airbnb as a "modern elder
  • How to become a mentor and an intern at the same time
  • Why the years of midlife as expanded since the term's inception over 40 years ago
  • How Chip understood that soft skills and emotional acumen, generally found in elder generations, is much needed in the workplace in addition to digital skills
  • The reason Chip created and founded the Modern Elder Academy
  • How Gen X can embrace its place in the current modern multigenerational workplace
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Chip's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Feb 26, 2019

On this awesome episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion has a great conversation with Tara Jaye Frank, leadership development expert, speaker, writer, and consultant.

During this chat, Tara walks us through her journey from writing greeting cards as part of the Hallmark Inc. team, to her current role as a leader and entrepreneurship.

We also discuss Tara's recent project of creating the #MoreThan movement, which purpose is to to facilitate deeper understanding between disconnected people.

Tara Jaye Frank is a highly sought-after speaker, thought leader, consultant, and Leadership Development expert.

As the president of TJF Career Modeling LLC, Tara helps leaders, groups, and companies define their vision and unleash human potential.

Prior to unleashing her potential and taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Tara spent 21 years at Hallmark Cards, Inc., where she was the youngest person the company's history to be promoted into executive management, and also became Hallmark’s very first African-American female vice president.

Now as an author, in 2015 Tara published her first book titled Say Yes: A Woman’s Guide to Advancing Her Professional Purpose– which was written as a tool to help emerging leaders reach their own professional higher ground..

What’s even more fascinating is Tara's latest stroke of genius and platform for greater impact, is the launch of her new project, #MoreThan, which is a healing movement that was created to facilitate deeper understanding between disconnected people. .

Key Takeaways:

  • How Tara began her 21 years working at Hallmark Cards, Inc. initially as a greeting card writer
  • Why Tara’s decided to shift her career trajectory at Hallmark due to a personal experience
  • How Tara’s extensive leadership  experience helped prepare her for her journey into entrepreneurship
  • Why it’s very critical to establish a digital footprint if you’re looking build a strong brand
  • How Tara allocate her business projects between speaking and consulting
  • How Tara’s own frustration lead her to to launch #MoreThan movement as a counter-narrative to the world’s despair
  • Why #MoreThan is also about peaking curiosity and igniting conversations to create impact
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tara's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Sep 27, 2018

For the last episode before our season break, we are bringing you this special (BEST OF) episode, with our featured guest Jay Papasan, the co-author of the groundbreaking #1 Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today bestselling book, The ONE Thing.


Are you struggling with multitasking and prioritizing your most important projects - especially when it seems there are so many things to get done? Well, this episode is for you.

Jay Papasan, is the Vice President of publishing and Executive Editor at KellerINK, the publishing arm of Keller Williams Realty. He is best known for co-writing with his mentor, Gary Keller, a few best-selling books, including The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, which became a New York Times best-seller.

But their most recent book, titled The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, has been a nothing short of a “game-changer.” It is a New York Times best-seller and has also reached #1 on the Wall Street Journal business best-seller list.

In the book, Jay and Gary outline in great detail why everyone should identify that area of your life where you want to be extraordinary (that one thing), and FOCUS on it - before you simultaneously take on other tasks.

To me, this is such a groundbreaking book. I actually put it in the same category as other watershed publications such as Good to Great by Jim Collins, Tribes by Seth Godin, and Simon Sinek's Start With Why.

During this value-packed episode of Gen X Amplified, Jay and I discuss his overall journey to becoming an author, the importance of "focus" as a leader, and why The ONE Thing is resonating with so many, even outside of the business world. This book is definitely a must-read, especially for Gen Xers with all of the opportunities and obligations we have during this power phase of our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • That pivotal moment when Jay decided to become an author.
  • How the lack of focus can be your worst enemy for productivity.
  • What is that "domino effect" you can experience when you identify your ONE thing.
  • Why extraordinary people enjoy the overall journey in seeking mastery
  • What is the 80/20 principle when it applies to the ONE Thing?
  • Why saying NO can actually bring you better results.
  • What is Jay's ONE Thing, both personally and professionally?
  • Why the process of "goal setting" should start with the end in mind (e.g., 5 years from now), then work backwards from there.
  • And so much more!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Jay's Personal Theme Song

Thank you for listening!

Sep 21, 2018

On this latest episode, I share what I call somewhat of a "rallying call" for everyone in that’s currently in that mid-career, mid-life phase (basically Gen Xers), to start, right now, at this moment understanding that NOW is the perfect time to go for your dreams and create more impact on the world.

Many of us at this stage of our career and life, feel squeezed, unsure of our future, dissatisfied with what we have accomplished...or "not accomplished", etc. This is a normal feeling. What motivated me to record this actual episode, where a few conversations I was having with colleagues and friends recently about this exact situation.

But, I truly and strongly believe that we are now in the PERFECT TIME in our lives to now make more of an impact. Whether it’s on your job, in your business, to start a business, or just better impact the lives of those you love.

Also in this episode, I talk about many Gen Xers and mid-career professionals that are doing game-changing things and making a significant impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why “experience” is one of the most powerful virtues that Gen Xers and mid-career professionals/leader have at our disposal
  • Why reinventing yourself is common..and important, especially at this stage in life
  • The fact that right now, more than half, approximately 51%, of all leadership roles globally are now held by Gen X
  • How to leverage new media platforms to tell your story and make an impac
  • Why there are more successful startups and businesses created by Gen X more than any other generation
  • Why it’s again... it is NEVER too late to focus on your goals and your dreams
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Thank you for listening!

Sep 12, 2018

On this new episode of Gen X Amplified, we are welcoming back a familiar voice and friend to the show. Hall of Fame keynote speaker, business advisor, and best selling author…the one and only Jay Baer is joining Adrion once again on the podcast.

For this his second visit to Gen X Amplified, Jay and Adrion discuss and unpack his latest book titled: – Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth, which he co-wrote with Daniel Lemin.

Jay Baer is an award-winner speaker, consultant, strategist and whose mission is to help businesses clone their customers. He is also a 7th generation entrepreneur, who has founded five multi-million dollar companies.

Jay is also the President of Convince & Convert, an advisory firm firm that works with the world’s most iconic brands such as The United Nations, 3M, and Hilton.

A New York Times bestselling author, Jay has written six best-selling books, including: Youtility, and Hug Your Haters – which we discussed during his previous visit to Gen X Amplified on episode #027.

On this episode we chat about why brands (both business and personal) embracing the power of “word of mouth” as an intentional strategy, which is the premise of his latest book, Talk Triggers, co-written with Daniel Lemin.

Key Takeaways:

  • That 50% of all purchases are influenced by word of mouth, up to 90% for B2B
  • A talk trigger is defined a strategic operational decision that compels word of mouth
  • Hear various examples and case studies of brands that have very memorable talk triggers
  • Who is Goldie Chan and what is one of her very visible and “colorful” talk triggers?
  • How to motivate your customers to become “volunteer” marketers for your brand
  • What is the 6-step process and framework to build a compelling talk trigger?
  • Why being and adequate and competent is not enough for brands today
  • How Jay and Daniel incorporated their very own ‘talk trigger’ for the book
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jay’s Personal Theme Song (for now)

Thank you for listening!

Sep 5, 2018

During this latest solo episode of Gen X Amplified, I am introducing a new "theme" that I’m starting called "What I've Learned...". And for this episode I will breakdown the 5 key lessons that I learned from my time working at one of the most iconic brands ever… HBO.

I was employed at HBO from 2003-2008. And it was during that time (what many consider to be the "golden age' of HBO), I witnessed many of the inner workings of why HBO is such a successful brand.

There are many virtues I believe that are responsible for the greatness of the HBO brand, yet I wanted to focus on five (5) specific areas that are applicable to many elements of brand development in today's competitive marketplace.

So below are the 5 key lessons that I learned from working at HBO:

  1. Stay true to your brand DNA  - because brands matter

  2. Take big swings, be first, and/or disrupt the market

  3. Provide an exceptional and inviting employee experience (EX)

  4. Celebrate and deliver value to underserved markets

  5. Focus on your personal brand management and peer advocacy

As Gen Xers, our unique and extensive experience gives us plenty of valuable nuggets and lessons to help guide us. Therefore we should be intentional about taking inventory of our experiences and our journey - both personally and professionally.

When we do this, we can cull out valuable lessons and insights that help fuel our ongoing personal growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the “Key Lessons I’ve Learned…” series is starting specifically with focusing on my experience at HBO
  • What are the actual 5 Lessons I learned, and why they still apply for businesses and personal brands today
  • How HBO On Demand was such a game changer in the world of subscription video on demand
  • Why employee experience (EX) is a valuable element for a brand
  • Why you (especially as a Gen Xer) should take self-inventory of your unique and vast experience to unlock key lessons learned
  • Why the value of having a unique an acute focus on your brand DNA is critical
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Thank you for listening!

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