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Gen X Amplified is the premier podcast dedicated to the powerful generation between the boomers and millennials. The podcast features valuable insights and conversations with world-renowned Gen X thought leaders including: Marie Forleo, Jon Fortt, Gretchen Rubin, Lindsey Pollak, Tara Jaye Frank, Carmine Gallo, Brian Solis, and many others.
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Sep 29, 2015

Did you know that a webinar can be one of the best platforms for you to promote your expertise, build an audience, and quickly generate leads? Well, if you didn't then you're in for a treat, because we have the world-renowned webinar guru, Steven Essa, on this informative episode of Gen X Amplified.


Steven Essa is known internationally as the “Make Money with Webinars Expert.” He was raised in the western-suburbs of Sydney, Australia by hard working immigrant parents. Steven now excites audiences in Australia, the UK, USA, UAE, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore and New Zealand.

Through his company, x10 Effect, Steven has trained thousands of people to leverage the power of webinars, and their efficiency, convenience and flexibility, to generate thousands of dollars in product sales. Steven’s methods give all business owners something that is much needed in today’s new media marketplace: the flexibility to create additional streams of income in their business.

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, Steven and I discuss in detail how to setup your perfect webinar and also how entrepreneurs can also leverage other people's expertise and skills to make money webinars. This is episode is without question, a "note-taker". So get your paper, pencil - or even your Evernote app ready. Also, you get a chance to hear a little Australian "rap" as a special treat!

Some of the Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why webinars can be the best medium to generate sales for online products?
  • Which is better: live or automated webinars?
  • Why you should sell your webinar product, before you have actually finished it.
  • How entrepreneurs can improve their affiliate marketing with webinars.
  • The financial benefit of partnering with other experts for webinar creation and delivery.
  • How to turn your long-form content such as an ebook into a series of webinars.
  • And so much more!

Awesome Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Thank you for listening!

Sep 24, 2015

If you are ready for an episode of Gen X Amplified when we have a big-time generational conversation about millennials- then this is the one! That's because our featured guest is Lee Caraher, who is millennial champion, and sometimes affectionately called the millennial whisperer.


Lee Caraher is an entrepreneur and CEO with over 20 years experience building great, high producing inter-generational work teams that get a lot done, and have fun at the same time.

An acclaimed communication strategist known for her practical solutions to big problems - Lee founded her company, Double Forte in 2002 to work with good people doing great work. Her clients span well-loved brands and hot technology startups in the San Francisco Bay area, Boston, New York, and Europe.

As an author, Lee wrote Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work, after struggling and then figuring out how to work well with millennial clients and staffers (more than half of Lee's staff is under 32).

This positive and practical book is based on her own experience and interviews with hundreds of professionals of all ages across the country. As Lee points out: "I was fed up with the negative stereotypes millennials are burdened with, and was determined to figure out how to create a culture where Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials can all thrive together."

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we really get a chance to go deep into a generational conversation, and discuss the various dynamics of Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers in the marketplace. This is definitely a "must-listen" for any Gen Xer looking to become a better leader in the marketplace.

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • What were the two transformational moments that spearheaded Lee's path to launching her agency?
  • How did Lee get the idea for her book , and write it in only three months?
  • What are the best ways to create positive inter-generational work cultures?
  • Why many Boomers and older Gen Xers are "helicopter parents."
  • Why millennials are not necessarily entitled, but are "conditioned."
  • Why this is a great time for Gen Xers to leverage their expertise, and consider starting their own business
  • And so much more!

Awesome Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Sep 21, 2015

Are you looking for actionable tips on how to successfully run a business and target the right audience? Then you definitely want to tune-in to our featured guest - Jason Swenk. That's because we are going to chat about some key strategies to build the right systems in your business, and why you should scale down to your ideal target market. Remember...the riches are in the niches!

Jason Swenk states that he has "special" business and marketing powers. His mission? To save the galaxy - one business at a time.

Jason is a professional speaker, author, consultant, and also what is called a "digital-preneur." He began his career in the 1990s at Authur Andersen. Then after realizing the huge opportunities in digital marketing he quickly started his own agency in 1999. There, over the span of 12 years Jason created innovative solutions for clients such as Aflac, Lotus Cars, Hitachi, AT&T, Coke, and Legal Zoom. Then he successfully sold that agency for 7 figures. Awesome!

Today, Jason primarily helps agency owners get to the next level by focusing on the major systems that they need - from generating quality leads, streamlining operations, and generating increased profit. He also provides high impact digital solutions through client coaching, blogging, and podcasting. 

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we also discuss why business owners (especially gen Xers), should define your expertise, identify the pain points of your audience- then deliver valuable content to that market.

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • How Jason runs a 7-figure business while working less than 80 hours a month?
  • How to generate new leads every day for your business with the right bait.
  • What Jason calls the A.B.C.'s of growing your audience.
  • The type of systems Jason use to automate his business.
  • What are the different ways Jason repurposes his content for multiple platforms.
  • And so much more!

Awesome Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Sep 17, 2015

Okay, this is a very valuable - but very fun episode! Get ready to get great insights on virtual teams, the power of personal branding, and why you should build the business of "you." Our featured guest is my buddy Chris Ducker, who is joining us all the way from his home in the Philippines!

Chris Ducker is widely known as the "Virtual CEO." He is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger, and now a frequent periscoper, He is also the creator and host of the Tropical Think Tank annual mastermind event.

Chris is the best-selling author of Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business - which has become a staple in the bookshelves of many entrepreneurs.

Recently, he launched his robust membership community called Youpreneur, which he calls his "primary" business focus for the next 10 years. Chris is also the host of his newly rebranded podcast Youpreneur.FM., which is aligned to his new membership brand.

Originally from the U.K., Chris currently lives in the Philippines, where he heads up his company, Virtual Staff Finder.

On this episode, we have a very informative and fun conversation about virtual staffing, entrepreneurial loneliness, and building the business of you. Chris and I also spend a little time chatting about some of our favorite pastimes such as movies and music. Get ready to be both empowered and entertained!

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • What was that "high-altitude" moment that propelled Chris to quit his job and start his entrepreneurial journey?
  • The reason why entrepreneurs should embrace delegation and virtual staff
  • Why did he start creating mastermind meetings in different locations during his business travel?
  • The focus of his newly launched online membership community
  • Why everyone should focus on being themselves and building the business of YOU.
  • Hear which Rocky movie is Chris' actual favorite!
  • And so much more!

Awesome Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Sep 14, 2015

So if you want a deep lesson on everything content marketing and storytelling - then you're definitely listening to the right episode. That's because we are thrilled to have the one and only C.C. Chapman join us for our tenth episode of Gen X Amplified.

C.C. Chapman is a prolific speaker, author, content storyteller, podcaster, and consultant. Over the years he has worked with many corporate clients including Nike, American Eagle Outfitters, Coca-Cola, and HBO.

He is the best-selling author of two value-packed books: Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars that Engage Customers and Ignite your Business (which he co-authored with Ann Handley), and also Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness.

C.C. is also the creator and host of the "Managing the Grey" podcast.

In addition to his content creation projects, C.C. also heads up a consultancy called Never Enough Days - that specializes in social good, cause marketing, and corporate responsibility.

On this episode, we chat with C.C. about the virtues of content marketing, and why as an entrepreneur it's important to focus not just on the financial rewards, but also the greater good of life.

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • What is the best way to approach content marketing?
  • Why making sure your 'house is in order' is vital for aspiring business owners.
  • How everyone now has a broadcast studio in their pocket.
  • Why writing a book can be extremely rewarding for your career?
  • What was the main inspiration for writing Amazing Things Will Happen?
  • And so much more!

Important Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Thank you for listening!

Sep 10, 2015

In this current crowded marketplace, it has never been more important to use the power of social media to break through the clutter, and engage with your target audience. Well on this episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with one of the leading social media experts in the world,  Corinna Essa.

Corinna Essa is internationally known as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing.

She was raised in Greece and at the age of 17, traveled to London to study television production, only to have her dreams shattered as she discovered the very unstable nature of the industry. By the time she reached her mid-20s...Corinna decided enough was enough and began her journey online.

Quickly discovering a few powerful strategies that would allow her to leverage the power of social media, Corinna started using Twitter to market products. Within 3 weeks, she had replaced her full-time income - working only 2 hours a day.

Now Corinna heads up Social Media Worldwide, an international marketing company, that helps businesses leverage social media to accelerate their growth. On this episode of Gen X Amplified, we have a detailed and engaging chat about how vital it is for every business owner to embrace social media as a key part of their marketing toolkit.

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why some businesses should consider outsourcing their social media management.
  • How to decide what is the best social platform to use for your business.
  • Why is social media great for list building?
  • What is the first question every brand should answer before they use social media?
  • How to handle all of the new social media platforms that emerge.
  • And so much more!

Important Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Thank you for listening!

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Sep 7, 2015

Wanna hear about podcasting from someone who has not only transformed the medium, but also found his perfect niche and teaches others how to do the same? Well on this episode, we are chatting with the one and only "Podmaster" himself, John Lee Dumas.

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), an award winning podcast that reveals the journey of today's most inspiring entrepreneurs - 7 days a week, which is the first of its kind. Also, his podcast alone generates over $250,000 a month in revenue. Wow.

With over 1 million unique listens a month, EntrepreneurOnFire has inspired millions of people - whom he calls “Fire Nation” to take control of their life and take the Entrepreneurial leap. He is also the creator of the mastermind community Podcaster’s Paradise.

In addition to EOFire, John offers a free 15-day course on podcasting at, and also extends his “on fire” brand with Webinars On Fire, a course on how to create webinars that convert.

John is bringing the heat on Gen X Amplified to discuss his unprecedented podcast, why he chose his particular “niche”, and how every aspiring entrepreneur can uncover their zone of genius.


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why did John decide to do a 7-day-a-week podcast?
  • John's biggest fear when launching his show.
  • What is a UVD (unique value distinguisher)
  • What is the 5-day exercise that every aspiring entrepreneur should do?
  • Why niching down is important when starting a business, especially online.
  • Why you must have confidence to overcome the "impostor syndrome."
  • And so much more!

Important Mentions from this Episode (with links):

Thank you for listening!

Sep 3, 2015

This is the episode where we are really going in deep on how to overcome that awful feeling self-doubt in your professional career, and become a better leader.

On this episode of Gen X Amplified we are having a highly valuable chat with Mike "Ambassador" Bruny, of No More Reasonable Doubt.  

Mike is speaker, certified life coach, and author of the book 30 Days of Hip-Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life. He has been a champion for others to build their personal brand, and is also a familiar face at conferences, helping attendees build better relationships through the power of networking.

But now he is on a mission. That mission is helping young professionals of color go from being invisible to invincible. This is through his latest venture - No More Reasonable Doubt, an online community and podcast focused on empowering young professionals of color to build better soft skills, and have more impact in the workplace.

Mike joins us on Gen X Amplified to talk about not only his latest company, but shed light on how you can become a better leader within the workplace through networking, taking inventory of your strengths, and becoming more "human."


Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Learn what exactly is a "vision board party."
  • 4 things you must do to build a personal brand in your company.
  • What was the moment of clarity that led him to focus on young professionals of color.
  • How and why Mike donates earnings to Charity Water.
  • How Mike defines what makes someone an introvert or extrovert.
  • Why everyone has something to offer in a group setting.
  • And so much more!

Important Mentions from this Episode (with links):